Monument Re Limited is a Bermuda based Reinsurer and Consolidator with a proven track-record of successfully acquiring and operating portfolios or direct insurers in Europe, primarily those in run-off. We focus on annuity, guaranteed savings or protection product lines. At all times, we are mindful of the impact of acquisitions or transfers on staff and policyholders and seek to work with the seller in these situations.

The Company  acquired the Irish insurance subsidiaries of Barclays, completing the transaction on the 1st March 2017. The current portfolio is a closed book comprising life and non-life protection risks and provided the ideal entry vehicle in Ireland for the Group. The acquisition of Laguna Life in Ireland was completed in August 2017. In March 2018, Monument Re received regulatory approval from the NBB for the acquisition of ABN AMRO Life Capital in Belgium, renamed Monument Assurance Belgium.  In January 2018, we signed the acquisition of Aspecta in Luxembourg as part of creating the foundation for our Benelux strategy. In April 2018, we signed the agreement for the cross-border portfolio transfer of the First A portfolio of business from Ethias in Belgium to Laguna in Ireland. We continue to develop opportunities in a number of territories.

Monument Re is backed by high quality shareholders which include Hannover Re, the world’s third largest reinsurer, NYSE listed Enstar, a leading P&C run-off consolidator, and E-L Financial, the parent company of Canadian life insurer Empire Life. The Company has a seasoned Board of Directors, chaired by Jonathan Yates, former Chief Executive Officer of Guardian Financial Services, and a strong management team led by Manfred Maske.

Laguna Life DAC

Laguna Life DAC includes a portfolio of term life policies previously sold under the Citi brand.

The products that Laguna continues to service include level and decreasing term life insurance cover with critical illness or total and permanent disability protection.

For customer service, policy administration, or claim information please see our contact information below.


Telephone: 0800 0969-127

Monday – Thursday: 09:00 – 16:00hrs
Friday: 09:00 – 14:00hrs


Teléfono: 902 12 72 72

Lunes a Jueves: 09:00 – 17:00hrs
Viernes: 09:00 – 15:00hrs

Fax: +353 1 514 7610

Mailing Address:

Europa House
Block 9, Harcourt Centre
Harcourt Street
Dublin 2

The Laguna team strives to meet our policyholders’ expectations and provide a professional, courteous and quality experience with every call.  We continually strive to improve our services to ensure that we meet our policyholders’ expectations. Laguna Life DAC is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.

Monument Assurance Belgium SA

Monument Assurance Belgium (formerly ABN AMRO Life Capital N.V.) is a Belgian insurance company regulated by the National Bank of Belgium and the Financial Services and Markets Authority.

The current portfolio includes collective pension schemes and individual pension insurances previously sold under the Reward and Reward Pro brand.

The company was established in 2002 to underwrite these products to entities operating in Belgium and individual customers working or living in Belgium.

The Reward and Reward Pro products include life and death benefits, waiver of premium and replacement income in case of incapacity of work.

Monument Assurance Belgium is based in Brussels. For customer service, policy administration, or claim information please see our contact information below.

Telephone: +32 (0) 78 050 006


Monday – Friday: 09:00 – 16:00hrs


Monument Assurance Luxembourg (formerly Aspecta Assurance International Luxembourg S.A.) is a Luxembourg based insurance company regulated by the Commissariat aux Assurances, with branches in Germany, Italy and Spain.

The current portfolio includes mainly unit-linked business and a small block of conventional business.

The company was established in 2000 to distribute these products to individual customers via its branches in Italy, Germany and Spain, and on a cross-border basis mainly to Italy, France and Germany.


Monument Assurance Luxembourg S.A.

5, rue Eugène Ruppert
L-2453 Luxembourg
Tel: +352-26498-1
Fax: +352-26498-200


Monument Assurance Luxembourg S.A.

Sede secondaria per l’Italia
viale Monza 265
20126 Milano
Tel: +39-02-99292-100
Fax: +39-02-99292-121
800 713 680


Monument Assurance Luxembourg S.A.

Sucursal en España
c/ Luchana,23 3º
28010 Madrid
Tel: +34-91744128-0
Fax: +34-914162457

Robein Leven N.V.

Robein Leven N.V. was established in 1981 as a life insurance company. Robein has years of expertise and specializes in the field of annuities, investments and asset management. The distinctive characteristics of Robein’s work methods are clear product information, low costs and personal services.

Some activities are executed by subsidiaries as Robein Effectendienstverlening N.V., Robein Hypotheken B.V. and Robein Vermogensopbouw B.V.

Robein Effectendienstverlening is active as an execution only broker and asset manager (individual asset management). Robein Hypotheken manages a portfolio of mortgage loans for Robein Leven. Robein Vermogensopbouw is a manager of a collective investment fund (UCTIS) and manages nine index-funds (7 equity-related and 2 fixed-income funds).

The office of Robein is located in the centre of The Hague (The Netherlands). Assets under management totals to around 350 million euro.

For customer service and policy administration, please visit www.robein.nl.

Nordben Life and Pension Insurance co. Limited

Nordben Life and Pension Insurance Co. Limited (“Nordben”), a Guernsey-based insurance company, is licensed to carry out long-term and general insurance business, including domestic business and is subject to regulation by the Guernsey Financial Services Commission. 

It was established in 1985 by leading insurers based in the Nordic region to provide pension, life and disability benefits to expatriate and third country national employees of Nordic multinationals and was subsequently acquired by Monument Re Limited in June 2019. 

Nordben has been closed to all new business since early 2016 and now services all existing pensions and life insurance business during its run-off.

For customer service, policy administration, or claim information, please visit www.nordben.com.  

HOURS:  Monday – Friday:  08:00 GMT to 16:30 hrs GMT


Monument Insurance DAC (“MIDAC”) and
Monument Assurance DAC (“MADAC”)

Monument Insurance DAC and Monument Assurance DAC (formerly Barclays Insurance (Dublin) DAC and Barclays Assurance (Dublin) DAC) have an established presence in the industry with c.20 years of insurance history in both non-life and life products. The companies were established in 1998 to underwrite PPI and IP business to Barclays’ UK customers.

Today the companies’ active products include Mortgage PPI, Credit Card PPI as well as Income Protection and we provide Life, Accident and Sickness and Involuntary Unemployment covers across these products.

The business operates an efficient outsourced administration model and maintains a strong relationship with our third party administrator to ensure excellent customer service standards as we continually strive to meet our policyholders’ expectations.

Monument Insurance DAC comprises a highly qualified and experienced team based in Dublin and is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.


Monument Re

Crown House
4 Par-la-Ville Road
Hamilton HM08

+1 441 400 9300

Laguna Life DAC

Europa House
Block 9, Harcourt Centre
Harcourt Street
Dublin 2

UK 0800 0969 127
Spain 902 12 72 72

Monument Assurance Belgium

Koloniënstraat | rue des Colonies 11
1000 Brussel | Bruxelles
Belgie | Belgique

+32 (0) 78 050 006

Monument Assurance Luxembourg S.A.

5, rue Eugène Ruppert
L-2453 Luxembourg

+352-264 98 1

Monument Insurance DAC
Monument Assurance DAC

Europa House
Block 9, Harcourt Centre
Harcourt Street
Dublin 2

Inora Life DAC

Europa House
Block 9, Harcourt Centre
Harcourt Street
Dublin 2, Ireland

+353 15337596

Robein Leven NV

Noordeinde 35
2514 GC
The Hague

070 376 66 66

Nordben Life and Pension Insurance Co. Limited

OLD bank chambers
La grande rue
st martin
GY4 6rt


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